Battle of the Bulge Tours

Battle of the Bulge Tours

Since the day we started living in this area, Bob got interested in the battle of the Bulge (december/january 1944). It was Hitlers last gamble and one of the hardest battle of world war II. Bob is working with a group of ten volunteers, who research several events.

At this moment you can chooguesthouse_ardennes_battle_of_the_bulge_tours_ardennesse between 3 tours:

1. The battle of Grandmenil:
An impressive three hour tour, taking you to the highlights in the area where you are staying. The tour is by car, visiting about eight stages where fierce fightings took place. Learn the stories about Ernst Barkman, Chalet Gilkinet, Richard Wiegand, Earl Naumann and Bob Kauffman, the heroic men of the 75th infantry divion and 3rd armoured division.

2. The 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion
The heroic men of the 551st PIB started their advance in southern France in august 1944 and ended up in the Ardennes with 600 men. Your host studied on their stories, spoke with veterans and several Belgian and Dutch researchers. He visited all the places where those guys fought and found out several new things. This harsh but incredible tour will last 6 hours.

3. Hellish places
This 6 hour tour brings you to various places, spread all over the Ardennes.
The tour starts in Grandmenil and most of the times it ends in the Stavelot area. We can’t give you more details… Your host might deside to take a detour because…..well just because he thinks it fits better in your interest.

Bob is an enthousiastic storyteller, walking around in the former battlefields, armed with a book with pictures, he can tell you stories, most people don’t know about.

At the evening you can watch a movie, composed by your host. This film contains unique footage and lasts 1,5 hrs.
And then there is the small museum of our sons Tom and Ben in our backyard. It contains a lot of stories and relics found in the area.

The costs for a three hour tour: 38 euro based on 2-4 persons.*
The six hour tour cost 70 euro, based on 2-4 persons.*
Groups will have a discount.*

!Special prices for family of veterans who fought in and around Grandmenil!

Our package deal, including 2 nights at our bed and breakfast:
– 2 nights + breakfast
– 1x three course dinner
– Three hour battle tour.
Price: starting from 138 euro per person on a 2 person room.
Six hour tour package: 178 euro per person.
In the future more tours will be available.
Attention: the tours are not suitable for children below 12 years.

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